The Most Hottest Shopping Festival “ Double 11” is coming in China, The Top 3 E-commerce get ready in advance


Double 11 has not arrived yet, but the various companies has taken action ahead of schedule. On October 19th,2020, held the Double 11 kick-off meeting and officially announced the Double 11 gameplay. It is reported that 2020 JD 11· 11 Global favor Season will officially start on October 21 and will last for 22 days until November 11. On the same day, also announced that the "Double 11" National Carnival press conference is scheduled for October 26, Ali The press conference will also be launched on the 20th October. The successive official announcements of the Top 3 e-commerce companies also means that Double 11 has officially entered the countdown.



On October 19th, Han Rui, vice president of JD Group and head of the platform business center of JD Retail Group, stated at the press conference that JD will bring 10 billion subsidies and 10 billion consumer coupons, and 50% discount on over 200 million products , And more than 300 million new products will be sold at the same time. It is worth noting that "Only One RMB " has become a slogan that e-commerce companies are eager to find a breakthrough in the sinking market. A reporter from Beijing Business Daily noticed that both Jingxi and JD Express have adopted strategy such as 1RMB free shipping to attract buyers. This shows that this year's big promotion e-commerce will engage in fierce price wars in the sinking market.



In terms of sales, live broadcast is still an important tactic for e-commerce platforms. Han Rui said that in addition to’s first live broadcast Super Night on November 10, the platform will bring over 300 pop stars and 500 enterprises presidents to  live broadcasts throughout the promotion. In addition to online promotions, nearly 1 million offline stores within omni-channel ecosystem will also participate in "Double 11" this year.


It is worth noting that  "Double 11" shopping spree is also an annual test for the logistics industry. The preparation of logistics companies has already begun. JD Logistics expects to stock more than 1.2 billion items in total, and has launched a decathlon operation measures, including full custody, high-precision forecasting, warehouse ETC, and drop shipping. Data shows that the number of SKUs managed by JD Logistics has reached more than 6 million.


On October 14th, with the support of the State Post Bureau and the China Express Association, 14 express logistics companies have just announced that they will join hands with Tmall and Cainiao to officially launch the logistics preparation for the 2020 Tmall Double 11 Global Carnival. In order to ensure the efficiency of logistics, this year's Double 11 Cainiao supply chain launched the Pre-sale Fast Express. Some pre-sale goods are delivered to the community in advance, and consumers can receive the goods immediately once they pay the balance. Bian Zuodong, deputy director of the Market Supervision Department of the State Post Bureau, said that he believes that the e-commerce and express delivery industry can work together to create a stable and orderly "Double 11".


(Source:Beijing Business Daily)