Huawei participates in IFA with many latest products


As one of the three major events in the global consumer electronics field, the highly anticipated Berlin International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) officially opened on September 3rd,2020. The exhibition that was originally planned to be cancelled has been held on schedule, encouraging many manufacturers and consumers. However, due to the spread of the global epidemic, the exhibition will be presented in a special format that invites some visitors and a certain number of media reporters to participate this year.




This time, many Chinese companies still attend IFA, including leading companies such as Huawei and TCL, and gave speeches and announcements at the IFA Global Media Conference. Among them, Huawei's booth occupies an absolute center position in terms of size and location. In addition, the other two large booths in the exhibition hall are Tuya loT and TP-Link. The three major booths are Chinese companies, which also shows the determination of Chinese companies to take root in Europe.




Walter Ji, President of the European Region of Huawei Consumer Business Group, once again mentioned Huawei's "1+8+N" all-scenario strategy in his speech. He said that Huawei's mobile ecosystem is a key part of this strategy. The so-called 1+8+N concept refers to the mobile phone as the core, which can be connected to more intelligent hardware. 1 refers to mobile phones, which are the entrance to future smart life; 8 refers to the eight major businesses of tablet, TV, audio, glasses, watches, car machines, headsets, and PC, and N refers to mobile office , Smart home, sports and health, audio-visual entertainment, and smart travel.




The theme of this Huawei IFA 2020 is Huawei's Vision For A Seamless AI Life. Huawei demonstrated a photo printer on site. It supports the Huawei Share function, which makes it convenient for users to transfer photos wirelessly. It is quickly transmitted to the printer for printing. It meets the needs of consumers to print photos anytime and anywhere and record wonderful moments. From mobile phones to photo printers, Huawei's ecosystem has gradually integrated into life.