Haier was Recognized as the Top 100 BrandZ Global Brands in 2020


On June 30, 2020,the list of "BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands in 2020" was announced, and 17 Chinese brands such as Ali, Tencent, and Huawei were selected. Among them, the Haier brand is worth 18.7 billion U.S. dollars, ranked 68th in the world, and jumped 21st places, ranking the world's only IoT ecological brand.





Every year, BrandZ will award a few individual brands among the top 100 brands in recognition of their outstanding brand building results. This year BrandZ awarded Haier with this honor, the world's first "Internet of Things Ecological Brand" award, which demonstrated Haier's continued leadership in this field. (Source: China Net)


In the 1980s, starting with "smashing the refrigerator", Haier Quality created a brand and won the first quality gold medal in the Chinese refrigerator industry; in the 1990s, Haier exported its brand in a questioning voice, so today it ranked first in the industry in the world's largest home appliance retail volume on consecutive 11 years; after 2012, Haier overturned the 30-year bureaucracy and broadband salary, and transformed from a traditional manufacturer of home appliance products to a platform for incubating makers for the whole society; until 2019 , Haier became the ecosystem leading the era of the Internet of Things and the first and only IoT ecological brand in the history of BrandZ Global Top 100 Brand List.




Every step of Haier's questioning in the future is accompanied by doubts. Haier has also refreshed people's understanding of Haier itself and its business model in these controversial voices. From "the world's first home appliance brand" to "the world's only Internet of Things ecological brand", Haier has achieved a transformation from  catching up to leading, and has become a multi-industry integrating smart homes, industrial Internet, and health Ecosystem.


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