618 BIG PROMOTION for Home Appliance ON Chinese E-commerce Platform


618 BIG PROMOTION is Around the Corner these day, What Actions the Home Appliances Giants Take to Win the Market in Advance?




As the current market consumption needs to be boosted urgently, 618 of this year is also earlier and more fierce than before. The home appliances giant retailers, Tmall, Jingdong and Suning, have been preparing for the market war early.


Tmall will collaborate with many local governments and brand owners to distribute many cash coupons and subsides during the period of 618. The total amount is estimated to reach more than 10 billion RMB, and the number of brands participating will be twice of last year. The logistics, Cainiao supply chain is also fully upgraded to support Tmall merchants to speed up the delivery within 48 hours. At the same time, more than 600 presidents will do live broadcastings with goodson Taobao (Top E-commerce platform of China).


Jingdong has put forward the "Unprecedented Mid-year Shopping Festival" for 618. In addition to a series of "The Biggest Discounts in Its History", such as super subsidies of 10 billion RMB, the participants will be also the highest within these 17 years, with upstream and downstream enterprises joining. Moreover, Jingdong actively implements the home appliance recycling program of the government declared recently, by up-folding for old and new, one-price recycling for air conditioning, recycling for small household appliances for new, etc.


Suning Shopping announced that 618 of this year will focus on the "Double Billion Subsidies Storm" in its internal meeting recently. The subsidies might include for replacing old models, for energy conservation and for sinking the market to downstream, etc. The subsidies cover all categories. Consumers will be able to add their products from May 25 and buy them in advance on the evening of May 31.


618 is always a big date for home appliances industry in China. Because of the COVID-19 this year, the competition will be more intense than before. Let's wait and see what will happen!